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« Just as knowing a little physics can help you learn to ride a bike,
knowing a little economics can help you make better decisions »
Frank & Bernanke

Economics studies choice behavior. Management is the art of coordinating and organizing activities to achieve the desired goals and objectives. In Managerial Economics these two disciplines meet. By providing training in Managerial Economics, econology trains your employees to look for the best alternatives, to compare the relevant benefits and cost of an opportunity. In short, econology trains your people to make better choices.

Today, every MBA program offers a course in Managerial Economics. The advantage of the courses provided by econology is that not only 1 employee enjoys the benefits of the course but all employees of the organization. So, costs are lower and benefits are higher! Moreover, the course will be totally tailor-made to maximally suit the needs of your organization!



David Baudeweyns
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Cind Du Bois
0473 83 32 31 | cind@econology.be

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Economics have always been more like Chinese to me! The terms, the expressions, the charts ... I would skip the analysis once they include any economical terminology. Last spring we had a two day intensive course of economics, my colleagues were all "economically illiterate". I benefited a lot from the course. It was conducted by professor Cind Du Bois, who did a great job, she simplified the material and started with the basics, which made it grasping and understanding. Numerous case studies were shared and discussed which underlined the practical use of the course in our every day job. I am looking forward to learning more of economics now, it is no more Chinese to me.
Areej Dalgamoni, General Manager at Teamwork